Prior to tonight's game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Brooklyn Nets in the Barclay Center, LeBron James was pretty excited and felt privileged to play in front of the Royal Family, Prince William and Kate Middleton, as they embark on their U.S. tour. 


"It's an honor," James said before the Cavs practiced in New York City on Sunday. "It's a huge honor. The stuff that you read about, people like them are only in books growing up. And to hear that they're coming to town to see me play and they want to see me do what I do best, it's a huge honor."

After the Cavaliers defeated the Nets, 110-88, in Brooklyn, LeBron was the only player to meet The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. During their time together, James gave them cupcakes from Baker Blvd. from his hometown of Akron, Ohio and jerseys for Kate and William, as well as their son, Prince George. Considering this was their first NBA game, The King made sure to give them a show. 

LeBron also shared the moment on his Instagram account with the caption, "Wow what an Honor! This game has brought me a lot and I'll never take it for granted! The King, The Prince, & Queen Kate! #Royalty #StriveForGreatness #RWTW."

[via @NBA]