As of right now, it sounds like the Mavericks might have the best chance of landing Rajon Rondo in a trade with the Celtics. But don't sleep on the Lakers, who are also reportedly trying to work out a deal with Boston. According to ESPN Los Angeles, the Lakers have inquired about the availability of Rondo and have offered the Celtics draft picks and Steve Nash in exchange for the point guard:

The problem right now is that the Lakers don't have any great draft picks to give the Celtics. They have a first-round pick that they obtained from the Rockets, but it'll likely be a pick that falls towards the end of the first round. And they owe first-round picks to both the Suns and the Magic. So the picks that they do have might not be enough to entice the Celtics.

We'll obviously keep an eye on this, though, and let you know if trade talks between the Lakers and Celtics get serious.

[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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