Back in April, when news about the Donald Sterling scandal first broke, Kurupt's name got thrown into the story after he was photographed walking out of V. Stiviano's house one day. And now, we know why Kurupt was hanging out with Sterling's mistress at the time. Er, sort of.

Recently, the West Coast rapper sat down with DJ Vlad to talk about his friendship with V. Stiviano, his thoughts on the NBA forcing Sterling to sell the Clippers, and racism. And while he didn't go too deep into his past with Stiviano—"That's my little homegirl," he said—he did refer to Sterling as a "great guy" during the interview and said that he didn't think that Sterling should have had to sell his team as a result of the things he got caught saying to Stiviano.

Check out Kurupt's take on the entire situation in the clip above.

[via TMZ Sports]

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