It's a tragedy being a Knicks fan. New York is a basketball city, with kids constantly on the blacktop working toward champagne dreams. Unfortunately, that generations-long love for the sport hasn't translated well in the NBA recently. The city could only bear witness to Michael Jordan's dominance in the '90s, Isiah Thomas/Larry Brown-era suckage in the '00s, and the constant underperforming for this decade. The city needs them, and it's a shame that the hope Phil Jackson brought dissipated in the franchise's worst season start.

Kemba Walker doesn't give a damn, however. He didn't just put his team on his back. Walker was coming for hearts and twisting that knife afterward. Just look at what he did to poor Jose Calderon.

Real talk: This is the type of block that puts everything in perspective and humbles the viewer. There's about a 90 percent chance you didn't get personally violated on this level over the past two days. Every frustration is suddenly made insignificant.
Then there's this:

This is an opportunistic Walker knowing all too well that the Knicks do not know how to play defense and finishing them with a layup. It's also worth mentioning that Carmelo Anthony (who put up 32 points) scored a clutch shot right before the finisher. This has already happened this season.

With this, the Knicks' 20-point comeback was for naught. They're now 4-17.