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Jon Fitch is a fighter whose road to the MMA is as mangled and battered as his cauliflower ear. He began as a walk-on wrestler at Purdue University and his first organized fights were one-off bouts for $300 a pop. He eventually scrapped his way to the UFC where brass tried to label him a tomato can, a fighter who served as a bloody speed bump on the contender's road to a title shot. Fitch's lane changed, however, when he began winning fights instead of crumbling to the mat.

So excuse Fitch if he comes of, er, irritated by the UFC's decision to sign former WWE wrestler CM Punk, an athlete who's tremendously popular with the fighting organization's audience (but has virtually no experience in the sport).

In addition to his take on CM Punk, Fitch talks to Complex News about his WSOF Welterweight Title bout against Rousimar Palhares (airing Saturday, December 13 on NBC Sports), as well as his tenure in the UFC, which Fitch says was "sabotaged" by the organization's brass. For more, check out the video above.