From the onset of the 2014 NFL season, rumors of Jim Harbaugh's demise in San Francisco have been swirling. And as the season went on, the rumors became louder, like dormant crowd coming to life when their team goes on a run. Almost in concert with those rumors came Michigan's struggles, and the firing of Brady Hoke. Harbaugh did his part to push the theories aside, but as the San Francisco 49ers season went down the drain, Harbaugh's move to his alma mater became more and more inevitable. 

Now it appears the change everyone has been clamoring for is about to happen. Bleacher Report's Jason Cole is reporting that two staff members of the 49ers along with another NFL source believe Harbaugh will accept a six-year, $48 million contract to become head coach of the Michigan Wolverines. Here's what a source told Cole:

"That's what everybody on staff believes is going to happen this week," one of the sources said. "Jim has figured out that his style is best-suited for the college game. His shtick works better with young guys who are gone after three or four years."

It feels like the right move. After early success with the 49ers, it certainly seems like Harbaugh's coaching style has run its course in The Bay. And after one failed attempt at hiring a Michigan Man, the Wolverines need to make a splash with another. Don't be surprised if after the 49ers take on the Arizona Cardinals this weekend, Harbaugh makes his way back east. 

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[Via Bleacher Report]