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About an hour ago, Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer took to Twitter to break the news about Johnny Manziel starting over Brian Hoyer for the Browns against the Bengals on Sunday. And while the news didn't come out of nowhere—it was widely believed that Manziel would start over Hoyer this weekend—Glazer made sure to share the scoop that he got on the story, not once:

But twice:

So Glazer wasn't happy—to say the least—when he noticed that ESPN had picked up the story and essentially claimed partial ownership of it. They broadcasted the news on SportsCenter and also sent out this tweet, which seemed to indicate that they had broken the story along with Glazer:

So over the course of the last hour, Glazer has gone in on ESPN on Twitter. He started by calling out ESPN for "their constant thievery of other's work":

Then, he explained why he was so upset with The Worldwide Leader in Sports:

And while he was quick to point out that he wasn't throwing shots at everyone from ESPN...

…he also retweeted several other messages that people sent to him just to reiterate how upset he was with ESPN:

It seems he's moved on now, as he just sent this tweet out:

But he was obviously not thrilled with how the Manziel news broke. And he wasn't afraid to let ESPN know about it.

[via @JayGlazer]