Floyd Mayweather loves throwing shade in Manny Pacquiao's direction. He has proven it over and over and over again. Most recently, he did it during an interview on Showtime. He called Pacquiao out, challenged him to a fight on May 2, and hurled a slew of insults in Pacquiao's direction.

But Pacquiao more than holds his own when it comes to throwing shade back at Mayweather. Just check out his response to Mayweather's recent attack (and the tweet that he sent out two days later). He doesn't always make it quite as obvious as Mayweather does, but over the last three years or so, he's let the world know that he doesn't like Mayweather in a variety of ways.

So to celebrate Pacquiao's 36th birthday today, we put together A Brief History of Manny Pacquiao Throwing Shade at Floyd Mayweather. We hope Mayweather checks it out and gives Pacquiao the birthday gift he really wants (just fight him, Floyd!). Otherwise, we get the feeling that the shade is going to keep on coming out of Pacquiao's corner.

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