Back in late July, Jets quarterback Geno Smith predicted that he was going to be a top-five NFL quarterback by next season. Not top 20 or top 10. Top 5!

At the time, just about everyone—Jets fans included—laughed at him. And they've continued to laugh at him this season as he's put together a string of really bad performances for the Jets. But according to Smith, he's not far from being a great quarterback for the Jets. And he even believes that he's given Jets fans glimpses of how great he can truly be.

"I've shown flashes of being a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback," he said yesterday, "but what we're looking for here is consistency. The best teams have consistent quarterback play and I realize that and that's truly what I want to show to the fans and everyone outside the building."

"Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback"? Hmmm...

In fairness to Smith, he hasn't had a very good supporting cast over his first two years in the league. So that's part of the reason he's struggled at times. But he should probably stop trying to sell himself to Jets fans and, instead, just go out and produce. That's the only way he's going to be considered a top-five quarterback, make a Pro Bowl, or, hell, get another chance to lead the Jets on the field next season.

[via Pro Football Talk]