It doesn't take more than 10 minutes of scouring the internet for memes to learn that their creators mimic moths surrounding flames...except replace the word "flames" with "current events" and the word "moths" with this. Every week brings us LeBron or Kobe or MJ or Derrick Rose or the Cowboys, and these past seven days have been no different. In that way the internet is very much like ESPN. In fact, it's hard to blame the "Worldwide Leader" when those topics are all anybody wants to talk about.

But unlike ESPN, Johnny Manziel has managed to avoid major coverage from our nation's internet nerds in the form of memes. He's here and there, but you're more likely to see a Tony Romo-December connection or Jay Cutler puffing a cigarette, or even the two signal callers somehow combined then you are to see a meme centered around college football's first freshman Heisman winner.

Well all that's about to come to a close because, despite what the Cleveland Browns say, the Manziel Era is (eventually) coming, and with it will usher in a new wave of memes that start out mildly amusing but become more predictable over time after three weeks. Anything to change up the same routine works for us. We did our best this week to find a few new ones revolving around Johnny (it begins) as well as Anthony Davis and Dallas who are looking to slay their 21st century December demons. By the way, we're also starting to wonder how many people making repetitive Jordan comparisons (like this) even saw MJ play. Be better, internet. Here are the Funniest Sports Memes of the Week.