Why does it feel like so many former college basketball stars are causing trouble in games overseas lately? Yesterday, we told you about the big brawl that former Kentucky star Daniel Orton started during a Chinese Basketball Association game over the weekend. And now comes this clip of former Bradley player Marcellus Sommerville starting (and ending!) a fight during a game in Argentina.

As you can see in the video, Sommerville—who graduated from Bradley back in 2006 and now plays for the Regatas team in Argentina—got tangled up with an opponent during a recent game. And when he did, he responded by turning around and punching the guy right in the face. The guy went down immediately and laid on the ground for a few minutes while the refs dealt with Sommerville. It was a vicious punch and could have done some real damage.

So what gives, guys? Why is everybody playing overseas so hostile lately?

[via SportsGrid]

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