Level up! Ferrari's lightning quick hybrid Pikachu just evolved into a ferocious track-focused Raichu and it's better in every way possible. The FXX K is what Ferrari calls a "Cleint-Test" vehicle based on the LaFerrari. The brass tacks facts are this: 

  • 1,035 horsepower (848 from the 6.3L V12 engine), up from 949 total horsepower
  • At least 664 lb-ft of torque
  • 50 percent more downforce
  • ​7-speed DCT
  • ​Carbon ceramic brakes
  • Front double wishbone suspension and rear multi-link suspension

Built for XX Program, not within homologation or race regulations, the XX K has essentially been tweaked from every angle. It has new camshafts, a modified valve train, the car was lowered 30 mm, the front has a new splitter, the rear has two wings that look like things I used to incorporate into my paper airplanes, and the exhaust silencers have been removed. Ferrari also added Pirelli slicks that can detect acceleration, temperature, and pressure throughout your driving to maximize traction efficiency. 

Even the HY-KERS (kinetic energy recovery technology) has been re-programmed. It how has four settings: Qualify (quick few laps), Long Run (real race), Manual Boost (like a mushroom in Mario Kart at your fingertips), and Fast Charge (to quickly recharge the batter, go figure). You can also control the electronic differential, the tarction control, the ABS, and the slip angle form the steering wheel. It debuts next weekend at Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit.