When the first college football bowl season kicked off way back in 1902, it was pretty easy for people to catch every game. Reason being, there was only one bowl. Yes, believe it or not, one bowl. It was the Rose Bowl—then called the Tournament East-West Football Game (they obviously made the right call by rebranding it and calling it the "Rose Bowl" later)—and it featured two of the top teams in college football, Michigan and Stanford, squaring off.

Since then, the college football bowl season has grown by leaps and bounds and includes, well, everyone. Seriously, if you finish with a .500 record or better, then there's a bowl for you! It's gotten so out of hand that even the most diehard college football fans have trouble sitting through some of the bowl games. There are 39 of them this year, and while a bunch of them will be great, there are also going to be more than a few (we're looking at you, Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl) that are probably going to be forgettable the minute they end.

So which of the bowls should you actually tune in to and watch and which should you skip? With the college football bowl season set to start today, we thought we'd try to help you answer that question by ranking the bowls—from "Don't watch this unless you're trying to fill time during commercials on Animal Planet" to "DO NOT MISS THIS GAME OR YOU'LL REGRET IT ALL OFFSEASON!" Here is Every 2014 College Football Bowl Game, Ranked.