On Sunday night, after the Seahawks knocked off the Cardinals, Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch made headlines when he answered just about every single question that was asked to him by reporters with the phrase, "Thanks for asking." He said it over and over and over again until the media finally gave up and stopped trying to get him to answer their questions. And on Monday night, after the Broncos lost to the Bengals on Monday Night Football, Denver running back C.J. Anderson used a similar strategy.

Anderson was slightly more open with reporters. But because he was clearly frustrated after the contest, Anderson relied on the phrase, "We played terrible," during an interview with the media and repeated the phrase every single time he answered a question. You can see his exchange with reporters here:

Is this going to become a trend amongst NFL players who are forced to speak with reporters? If so, you know who everyone is going to blame.

[via Black Sports Online]

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