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On Tuesday night, Chris Rock was in Baltimore to promote his new film, Top Five. And at one point during his appearance, which took place at Baltimore's Rotunda Cinemas, Rock told the crowd that he "was getting ready to say something really bad" about Ben Roethslisberger. He hesitated to say it. But the pro-Ravens fans in attendance egged him on and Rock eventually took a shot at Big Ben.

"He's the original Cosby," he joked, referencing the two sexual assault allegations that women made against Roethlisberger in the past.

The crowd laughed. And Rock quickly acknowledged that his comments were going to be all over the place today.

"That's horrible," he said. "That's gonna go everywhere."

He was right. Rock's comparison between Roethslisberger and Cosby—who has been accused of sexual assault on a handful of different occasions over the course of the last month—is everywhere today.

Watch the clip above to see him make the comparison for yourself.

[via TMZ Sports]