Last week, the Lakers were reportedly interested in making a deal with the Celtics in order to obtain Rajon Rondo in a trade. And according to reports, they were willing to part ways with Steve Nash and a slew of draft picks in exchange for Rondo. But according to a source who spoke with Yahoo! Sports this week, that wasn't enough for Boston.

In addition to some combination of Nash and draft picks, the Celtics also reportedly wanted the Lakers to send them their injured rookie Julius Randle. But Los Angeles balked at the idea of trading Randle for Rondo, especially since Rondo is scheduled to be a free agent next summer. So rather than trying to make a trade happen with the Lakers, the Celtics decided to trade Rondo to the Mavericks.

Did the Lakers make the right decision here if they did, in fact, reject the idea of trading Randle for Rondo? We'd say so. But only time will tell.

[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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