All things considered, the Celtics' 2014-15 NBA season hasn't been that bad so far. Sure, they're only 8-14 on the year and in third place in the Atlantic Division. But they have a lot of young guys on their roster and aren't constructed to compete for a title right now. So their season hasn't been a total disaster just yet.

Even though they aren't in full tank mode at the moment, though, it sounds like they might be willing to part ways with their one true star Rajon Rondo. The point guard will be a free agent next summer and, according to Yahoo! Sports, the Celtics are interested in trying to unload him sometime this season in order to make sure that they get something in return for him if he leaves Boston. There's no deal for him in place right now, but Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Celtics have had "serious" talks with other organizations as recently as this week.

Rondo isn't the only player the Celtics are trying to trade, either. According to the same Yahoo! Sports report, Jeff Green is on the market, too. And the thought is that the Celtics would probably be willing to trade just about anyone on their roster in exchange for draft picks or packages that would make them better in the future.

Stay tuned to see if anything comes of the latest Rondo rumor.

[via Yahoo! Sports]

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