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CBS Sports analyst Doug Gottlieb tweeted a dumb thing about Kobe Bryant last night in response to Bryant's decision to wear an "I Can't Breathe" t-shirt during pregame warm-ups.

The since-deleted tweet attempted to shame Bryant for being rich, using Bryant's wealth as a reason for why Kobe is no longer allowed to have a stance on the issue of black marginalization and oppression in America. It's as confusing to write about as it is to comprehend. Apparently, rich people aren't allowed to sympathize with poor people anymore? Sound theory, Doug.

Regardless of your opinion on the Eric Garner case, this stance should strike you as very, very stupid and elitist. It's a wildly dangerous view to hold, particularly if anyone is to have any interest in bridging the inequality gaps in America. Money is power, etc. 

Oh, and by the way, if Gottlieb is really going to try and engage with a social issue, then he can at least spell the movement's hashtag correctly. It's "Breathe" with two e's. 

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