With 396,000 followers, it's safe to say that Abigail Ratchford is fairly popular on Instagram. So popular, in fact, that she's apparently even started to gain the attention of a certain, well-known NBA forward

Commenting on a photo posted a few days ago by Ratchford, Los Angeles Lakers forward Carlos Boozer told the model and actress to "check [her] DM," clearly trying to grab the attention of the Los Angeles-based beauty. The problem here is that Boozer isn't your average Instafan thirsting for a follow or a date that he's never going to get. He's Carlos Boozer, a pro athlete who should probably know to be a bit more discreet than this.

Evidence of Boozer's public display comes via Barstool Sports. We've also provided a screencap of our own to verify. 

Smooth move, @mrcbooz.