It's been a wild month for former Oklahoma running back Brennan Clay.

First, in late November, Clay took to Twitter to reveal that he believed his wife Gina D'Agostino was having an affair with his former Oklahoma teammate DeMarco Murray:

Then, he took to Twitter on December 4 to post a series of sexts that D'Agostino and Murray (a.k.a. "Spray Tan") had allegedly exchanged:

But earlier this week, he sent out this tweet, preaching about the importance of second chances:

And a short time ago, he posted yet another tweet that appears to show him and D'Agostino (or a woman who looks an awful lot like D'Agostino) lying in bed together:

It's all very weird. And good for Clay if this was just one big misunderstanding. But regardless, it seems like he should have handled everything—from his initial tweets to the naked selfie that he just posted—a whole lot differently.

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