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Last night, John Wall broke down in a post-game interview due to the death of a six-year-old cancer patient he'd met last year. It was touching and showed a different light of an athlete that you don't usually see, perhaps altering your perception of Wall if you just so happened to be a critic. One of those people who just so happened to be a critic was/is ESPN commentator Colin Cowherd, who's frequently knocked the Wizards point guard over the course of his career.

Well, today on Highly Questionable, fellow ESPN commentator Bomani Jones took a not-so-thinly-veiled swipe at Cowherd in a move that was as cross promotional as it was a "calling out." On the subject of Wall (and consequently Cowherd) Jones said:

“So basically, stay tuned for after this show and you can watch ‘You Herd Me’ and see if Colin Cowherd walks some of that stuff back.”

For us, we always like any sort of confrontation between personalities featured on the Worldwide Leader, so for that we'd like to give Bomani a "thank you." We'd also like to thank him for this reaction (that you may have missed) from co-host Pablo Torre:

And finally we'd like to thank Jones since his swipe couldn't have possibly come at any better time for us to promote this list, which dropped earlier this afternoon.

Finally we come to Cowherd who had this to say about the whole situation:

And now you're all caught up.

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