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For years, former Oakland Raiders great Bo Jackson has been left off the rosters of EA Sports' Madden NFL series, only making his first appearance in an EA Sports-affiliated title last year, when the two-way athlete was made playable in EA's NCAA Football 14. However, in just a couple weeks, Madden players will finally be able to test Jackson's skills in football's most prominent gaming franchise.

Jackson will be available in the latest edition of Madden NFL between Dec. 22 and Jan. 1. During this window, players will be able to download a trial version of Jackson's character for their Madden Ultimate Team. Jackson's character will come loaded with boosted stats, as well as "Bo-themed Live Events" for the Android and iOS versions of the game, per a press release from EA. 

Jackson is widely regarded as the greatest video game athlete of all-time because of his Tecmo Bowl avatar, a character who was basically unstoppable for gamers throughout the late '80s and early '90s. 

Blending speed and power like no other, Jackson was one of the NFL's best before a freak hip injury cut his career tragically short. Now, gamers are being given the opportunity to pit Jackson against league legends of all eras. Does Bo still know football? You'll be able to find out soon.