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It’s been a rough season for the Arizona Coyotes. At 10-15-13 (23 points), they’re mired in 13th of the 14 NHL Western Conference teams, and last night got crushed 5-2 by the Boston Bruins. Owner George Gosbee—who purchased the team in 2013—is well-aware that this kind of poor play can really grate on fans and cause them to question management’s decision making and vision.

Unfortunately, he isn’t especially good at expressing himself.

Following the Coyotes’ loss last night, Gosbee took to Twitter to apologize to fans. He obviously wasn’t paying close enough attention to what he was writing, however, and ended up sending out the above tweet. He quickly deleted it and apologized, and in the end he can feel good about the fact that he finally gave Coyotes fans something to smile about this year.


[via SB Nation]