We’re already past the first quarter of the NBA season and things are just heating up. Numerous teams are boasting a winning percentage over .700, which is absolutely insane, while others are tanking for the sake of scoring a high lottery pick. The league’s most elite crop of talent is all fighting for 2015 All-Star selection rights. Then there are the trade rumors setting social media ablaze, alongside future sneaker releases and the off-court antics exhibited by popular players. With so many highlights, news, and stats to take in, the only real way to keep tabs of everything is on a smartphone.

Microsoft’s push to partner and strengthen relationships with all major sports organizations has made the Windows Phone platform a great resource for hoops fans. A variety of apps are made available on Windows Store, blessing subscribers with the digital essentials to stay on top of all NBA-related updates on their mobile. Time to suit up, as we toss a no-look and throw down the Apps That Every NBA Fan Should Have on Their Phone.