Don't let one win fool you. Even after the New York Jets snapped an eight-game losing streak this past weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers, life is still as hard as ever for members of the Gang Green. 

Captured by Jeff Cerulli and featuring stand-up comedian Jay Nog, this brave and *powerful* video is proof positive for the daily struggles of a card-carrying Jets fan, as Nog soldiers through New York City, enduring withering remarks like, "Butt Fumble" and "Ewww Jets," for five whole hours. 

LOL. But seriously, look at this as more of a joke about being a Jets fan than a parody of the recently viral, "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman." Life isn't fun when you're stuck watching Rex Ryan slowly lose his job week-by-week, but it can be funny.

[via Elite Daily]