Batman has claimed his latest victim: La Liga giants Valencia C.F.

The Spanish side has ditched its new crest because Batman creators, DC Comics, believe that the logo looks too much like the Batman symbol. Valencia applied for a copyright on the design, but have since pulled the concept and denied any ongoing legal problems with DC Comics.

A club statement said that “there does not exist a lawsuit by DC Comics” and Valencia no longer “plans to use” the new design.

Here's the part of Valencia's logo that DC Comics weren't happy about.

The story made headlines last week, when DC Comics filed a complaint with the European Union's trademark registration body, which could have seen the two parties battling for the rights to the symbol in court.

Valencia's decision to backtrack on the logo comes as something of a surprise. The club used a bat in their crest since 1919, which is 20 years before Batman even existed.

[via The Guardian]