The "Photo" section of Tom Brady's Facebook page is a gold mine. Seriously. Brady might not seem like the kind of guy who would poke fun at himself or post a silly picture just to get a few laughs, but he's really gotten the hang of this social media thing.

Most recently, the Patriots quarterback took to Facebook this morning to ask his FB followers whether or not they're ready for this weekend. But he didn't do it with a generic photo of him in a Patriots uniform. No, no. Instead, he did it by coming up with the caption "Who's ready for this weekend? This guy is!" and then posting this incredibly awkward photo of him as a teenager:

Welp. Teenage Tom was so…well, not anything like grown-up Tom. Ha.

We would encourage you to head over to Brady's Facebook page to check out some more of the photos that he's posted recently. We've included a few of them below, and we're pretty sure that you're going to want to hit "Like" on Brady's Facebook page after you check them out.