Picture this: You're playing in the NBA and you just threw down a vicious posterization on a defender during a game. What do you do next? Are you simply running to the other side of the court with a quiet, controlled confidence? Would you remain statuesque as you stare into the crowd while soaking up the moment? Or, will you take a page out of Shawn Kemp's book and take that embarrassment to whole new level? 

Today, Kemp celebrates his 45th birthday and while we could've taken the time to discuss his memorable dunks or the low points, there is another aspect of The Reign Man's career that we would like to reflect onhis ability to stunt on opponents after throwing down an amazing slam. Whether we're talking about the moment he made Alston Lister famous for all the wrong reasons or the time he conveniently rested his sack on the head of Dennis Rodman while holding onto the rim, the six-time All-Star played the game with the type of arrogance and flair that we've grown to admire and yearn for more of from today's superstars. Watch, learn and apply, young'ns. Here are The 20 Most Disrespectful Post-Dunk Celebrations in NBA History.