A bad season for the Michigan Wolverines became even worse today with the dismissal of starting defensive end Frank Clark, who was charged with domestic violence over the weekend following an incident in an Ohio hotel. 

We warn you, the details of the alleged abuse are graphic. According to the Sandusky Register, Clark allegedly hit his girlfriend across the face, and then grabbed her by the neck while slamming her against the ground. While pinned to a bed in the room, the woman retaliated by trying to bite Clark's nose. 

Members of the woman's family were on the scene while the alleged abuse occurred, but the incident was reported by people in a room next door, who said they heard one of the woman's siblings saying, "Frank is killing our sister." 

When the police arrived, Clark was already outside the hotel, and told the officer, "I didn't do shit to her. I didn't touch that woman. She is a woman."

He then added, "I don't know what they do, what they go through, I don't know what she is going through. I know she is going through some crazy fits, and she may be pregnant."

Clark was then arrested and taken to the Erie County Jail, where he is currently still being held.

Under pressure to react quickly to the matter, Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke announced Clark's dismissal from the team this morning, calling it a "tragic situation":

Frank Clark has been dismissed for violating team rules from the Michigan football program. This is a tragic situation. Our student-athletes will be held accountable when their actions fail to meet the standard we have at Michigan. There is a legal process that will occur and we respect that process.

A hearing for Clark's case took place this morning in Sandusky, OH. He pleaded not guilty to the charges weighed against him, according to Jeff Seidel of the Detroit Free Press

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