Shark Tank star Mark Cuban sat down with Rolling Stone recently to talk about a bunch of different things, including his ownership of the Mavericks, the crappy investments that some of his players have made, and his thoughts on professional athletes getting themselves into trouble. During the interview, he even talked about the biggest mistake that he's made as the Mavs owner.

"Letting Steve Nash go," he said. "I learned an expensive lesson…I loved taking risks to win. Unfortunately, some of them were not as educated as they should have been."

But our favorite part of the Q&A came all the way at the end of the interview when Rolling Stone asked Cuban if there's anything that might surprise people about being a billionaire. Cuban's answer was incredible.

"Nothing," he said. "It's fucking amazing and off the charts."

Ha. "Fucking amazing," indeed.

You can read the rest of Cuban's Rolling Stone interview here. But that quote right there is just about as good as it gets.

[via Rolling Stone]