Back in August, Lakers Nation unearthed some rare footage of Kobe Bryant taking over a high school basketball game back in 1995. The video that they released featured highlights of Kobe scoring 29 points in the second half of a game to lead Lower Merion High School to a playoff win against Norristown Area High School. And now, even more footage of Kobe playing high school basketball has surfaced, courtesy of Raw Sports Films.

In the video above, you can watch Kobe play an entire playoff game for Lower Merion in 1996. The video once again features him leading his team against Norristown. And once again, Lower Merion is victorious thanks to Kobe's impressive performance.

The video quality isn't great here. It was, after all, 1996, so someone shot this footage with a camcorder of some sort. But it's still cool to see a young Kobe dominating the competition. And it sure beats watching a Lakers game right about now, right?

[via For The Win]