Earlier this week, TMZ Sports caught up with Kobe Bryant at a Hublot store in Los Angeles and asked him a bunch of questions. They got him to talk about the idea of a biopic being produced about his life and even got him to reveal who he would want to play him in the movie (Will Ferrell! Wait...Will Ferrell?!). 

But to us, the most interesting part of the TMZ Sports street interview came when a female Kobe fan came out of nowhere and asked him to take a selfie with her. Kobe actually agreed to it. And while the selfie did not come out very good…

…the girl cried some genuine tears at the end of the TMZ Sports video.

Press play on the clip above to see her talk about why taking a selfie with Kobe was so important to her. This is why Kobe is going to have a tough time hanging up his sneakers for good in a couple years.

[via TMZ Sports]