Dudes on Tinder are generally the worst. If you need proof, check out Straight White Boys Texting, a Tumblr devoted to documenting the creepy behavior of hetero white guys online, or start following the quickly-growing Instagram account, Bye Felipe. Guys like the ones you see on these sites are entitled, abusive human trash. After reading through their conversations, that much should be obvious. 

Earlier this week, two junior hockey players engaging in this type of irresponsible and despicable behavior were suspended by the Ontario Hockey League after their own awful Tinder conversations were brought to the public eye. You can read them below.

For anyone who hasn’t seen #OHL’s Chad Heffernan and Greg Betzold’s disgusting Tinder convos, here they are: pic.twitter.com/FLi0YfhXYL

— Michael Nellis (@96Nellis) November 4, 2014

Originally, the conversation on the left was attributed to Chad Heffernan of the Belleville Bulls. However, after it became clear that punishments would be handed out for the comments, Heffernan's teammate Jake Marchment owned up to writing them, saying that he had made them from Heffernan's phone. Marchment issued an apology on Tuesday.

The second man involved was Greg Betzold of the Peterborough Petes. Unfortunately for Betzold, he's stupid enough to send this type of garbage all on his own. Betzold sent out an apology on Monday via Twitter, but has since deleted his account.

As a result of their actions, both Betzold and Marchment have been suspended for 15 games by the OHL. A statement from the league clarified their thought process on the matter: 

These suspensions follow recent social networking activity that has come to the League's attention. This most inappropriate and concerning activity contravenes the League's social networking policy and a number of other policies including Respect in Sport (Harassment and Abuse) and diversity.

The OHL takes issues related to respect, diversity and harassment very seriously. The social networking conduct displayed by these players goes against what the League stands for and serves to highlight a sense of entitlement that we, as a League, have worked hard to try to eliminate. We believe these suspensions, going forward, will reinforce to our players that all activity, be it in person, on the ice or online, must be in keeping with our policies. These events further illustrate that the League and our teams must continually work with our players to ensure they understand and appreciate our social networking policy. The League will also look to our current programs, outlined in our Players First Guide, to see where improvements may be made in terms of communications and respect for others.

Hopefully, Betzold and Marchment are able to consider their actions and realize that what they did was wrong, and why it was wrong. In any case, they'll have plenty of time to do it. 

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