In case you’ve been under a rock for the last 48 hours or so, Western New York got absolutely pummeled with snow. And with another two to three feet expected on Friday, the total in the area could be around eight feet by week’s end. This means that the game between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills is in serious danger of not taking place at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday.

Now, while the game may not take place in Buffalo on Sunday, that doesn’t mean the NFL is ready to cancel the fixture all together.

There are already reports that Detroit, Toronto, and New Jersey are all viable contingency options should the conditions in Buffalo prove unplayable. 

Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly certainly doesn’t think the Ralph will be ready to go on Sunday. 

And if you needed a more definitive source, New York governor Andrew Cuomo says that playing in Buffalo on Sunday would be “impractical.” 

Another option would be to play the game at the Meadowlands on Monday or Tuesday. 

Then a question of fairness comes into play, as the Bills haven’t been able to practice for a good chunk of this week. 

The Bills are still hopeful, though. They’re offering volunteers $10 / hour and two free tickets to the game for helping shovel the mountains of snow off the field. 

Looks like the fate of Sunday’s game will be decided by Friday.

Adam Schefter is now reporting the game could be moved to Monday night.