You have probably heard it time and time again, but coaches tend to stress that their players need to keep their head in the game. The Eagles' Jason Peters could use some work in that area. In the second quarter of yesterday's game against the Houston Texans, Nick Foles went down with a "crack" in his left collarbone. 

After getting looked over by the medical staff, Foles was escorted off the field and into the Eagles' locker room. When it seemed as though Foles would not return, Mark Sanchez started warming up to enter the game. During this time, Peters would've noticed this change taking place, right? Apparently not, because check out Peters said about what went down after Sanchez connected with Jeremy Maclin on a 52-yard bomb.  

“Actually, I didn’t even know Foles was out. Threw that bomb to Maclin and I turned around to congratulate him and it was Sanchez. I didn’t even know the guy was out until then. I started looking for him, but he went in for X-rays.”

What? We've heard it all. Okay, probably not. 

[via For The Win]