In honor of Movember a.k.a. No Shave November, West Coast Shaving has paired up with Fresh Mechanism to create a comprehensive guide to hairstyles and facial hair in the NFL. Breaking down dreadlocks, short hair, mustaches, goatees, and everything in between, their infographic is a rigorous collection of all things related to scruff, shaving, and the gridiron. 

Ever wondered which teams have the highest facial hair percentage in the league? Have you ever wanted to know what hairstyle is the NFL's most popular? The run-down below can give you all those answers. Tragically, those with mustaches and legendary flow are a dying breed in the No Fun League.

At the bottom, the West Coast Shaving team even went through the 2013 game logs to figure out how some of the top quarterbacks in the league performed when they had facial hair as opposed to a clean shaven look. Apparently (and, granted, the sample size here is pretty small), participating in the Movember movement appears to be in the best interest of every QB around the NFL. 

Well, almost everyone. Don't expect Peyton Manning to change up his look this late in his career.