Dwight Howard hasn't received a lot of love from his fellow NBA players so far this season. Late last month, he got into it with Kobe Bryant during the Rockets' first game of the year. And on Sunday night, Kevin Durant said some not-so-nice things to Howard.

So why does it feel like so many NBA players hate Howard? On FOX Sports Live last night, Gary Payton tried to explain.

"I think he's disliked by a lot of players," The Glove said. "What Dwight does is, you know you see all the smiles and all the antics, that is getting on players' nerves. To get this guy Kevin Durant to do what he did, you know it's starting to become a problem with players, because Kevin Durant doesn't really talk to anybody…[Durant] goes at people that are fake with stuff. Only fake guys. Fake guys to me are when they're always woofing, woofing, woofing, and they don't really do nothing."

Payton also pointed out that, a few years ago, KD called Chris Bosh a "fake tough guy." Are you buying his explanation for why NBA players seem to dislike Howard?

[via Pro Basketball Talk]