Another week has ended, and that means muscle pulls, terrible performances and dubious records have emerged just in time to be mocked in meme form. The moments that really stood out over the past seven days include: Kobe setting a new NBA record for bricks. The Packers decimating the Bears on national TV. And Mark Sanchez taking a knee like Siegfried and/or Roy, for some reason.

Still, there were a couple notable omissions. We don't mean to make societal judgments based upon something as meaningless as internet memes, but it is telling that we see Derrick Rose make another appearance while Carson Palmer seemed to remain under the radar (that injury devastated the desert, we can assure you). Perhaps there's something to the theory that people want to knock the names at the top. Or, perhaps meme makers just like to beat a dead horse *cough*Tony Romo*cough*. Regardless of the reason(s), here are the Funniest Sports Memes from November 9th through November 15th.