Assigning Football Manager 2015 as PE homework could be the most contradictory thing any school has ever done.

During a meeting of the Scottish Association of Teachers of Physical Education, a teacher has said that video games – including the world's most famous football management simulator – could be introduced to North East schools for extra-curricular learning.

Iain Stanger, president of the association and PE teacher at Aberdeen Grammar School, said:

"I know some schools using fantasy role games and others such as Minecraft which have the potential to enhance people’s learning. Games such as Just Dance and Wii Fit also have the potential to do this."

A second teacher suggested that games such as "Football Manager are a very good way to get people to understand football and the role it has in our society".

The aim of the PE teachers association is to create ways of producing “high quality, structured and progressive physical education”.

Giving children video games instead of sports for PE is certainly different.

[via Evening Express]

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