Clemson beat South Carolina for the first time in five games, and QB Deshaun Watson did it all on a torn ACL. That's right, he shrugged off the injury, threw on a brace and went out and scored four total touchdowns and completed 14 of 19 passes for 269 yards. His coach Dabo Swinney explained the situation in the press conference (start around 8:00): 

LOL at the part where he's like, "the only issue he had today was that the brace was so tight it was making his calf go to sleep." Swinney also mentions that former Clemson Tiger Tajh Boyd had previously played through games and won a state championship in high school on a torn ACL, because, you know, that makes it totally cool. Clemson's plan is reportedly to have Watson play the bowl game, because he supposedly can't hurt it any more, and then have the surgery.

We know that people can play sports without ACLs, and this is extremely impressive and all, but it just seems kind of stupid and dangerous.