Comedy Central host Daniel Tosh is not happy with the Worldwide Leader in Sports. Last night on Tosh.0, the titular personality went off on ESPN for biting a TV format straight from his show. Referring to them as "hacks", Tosh pointed out the copycat tactics which, if you've ever seen one of Tosh's "Web Redemption" segments, should come off as fairly egregious. 

Tosh then took the opportunity to do some biting of his own, parodying SportsCenter's Sports Science fixture in a heated take-down of popular ESPN faces such as Chris Berman, Merril Hoge, and Herm Edwards. After you watch the video above, you'll agree that it's hard to argue that SportsCenter didn't have this one coming. 

Honestly, though, the greatest crime here was that SportsCenter decided to name their segment the "Awesome Video Segment." Seriously, guys? Who's working in the writer's rooms at ESPN? A random word generator running on Windows 95? Get it together, Bristol. 

[via Deadspin]