Sure, tonight the Chicago Bulls bested the Toronto Raptors on the road by a score of 100-93. But the real story is (again) the health of their oft-injured point guard and centerpiece, Derrick Rose. That's because the former MVP went down while driving the lane before exiting due to an apparent issue with his left hamstring. He had 20 points in the 30 minutes he was actually on the floor.

In case you're wondering that makes bad knees, ankles, and now hamstrings for Rose who just a few days ago made these comments, that caused controversy with many, regarding his future. Tonight he doubled down on those statements by telling reporter Rachel Nichols that he could "care less" about criticism stemming from those remarks. At this point nothing should really surprise us in regards to Rose's health.

Except, maybe, if he were to make it through consecutive games without any issues.

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