Let's get to the point: Carmelo Anthony put up 46 points and the Knicks still lost to the Jazz. The Jazz!

And if that stat wasn't mind-boggling enough for you, peep how the final seconds went down. Anthony, who was obviously on point, hit a three-pointer off the glass to tie the game at 100 in the closing seconds. But he didn't call glass, so karma bit his ass a couple of seconds later and made J.R. Smith the scapegoat.

Trey Burke put Utah on his back and stole the game with a corner buzzer-beater. Right in Smith's face.

You guys, look at the hurt.

the stress pic.twitter.com/f9mqs19dMk

— Mr. World Premiere (@yardieiz4life) November 15, 2014

the season in one photo #JRface #knicks pic.twitter.com/cpm17Cmi41

— Dan Derbilt (@djdanderbilt) November 15, 2014

Have you ever seen a kid camp in line for Jordans in December only to leave empty-handed because the 11s sold out? That's exactly what Smith looks like right here.

The Knicks are now 2-8 on an ongoing seven game losing streak.