Remember the 1998 film, There's Something About Mary? The one which featured a brief cameo by Brett Favre. Not to sound like the opening for 30 for 30 here, but what if we told you that Favre wasn't the Farrelly Brothers' first or second choice for the movie? Earlier today, the movie's directors appeared on the Rich Eisen Show where they spilled the beans regarding the two guys they wanted before giving the part to Favre.


"Our first choice was Drew Bledsoe. He was the stud at the time for the Patriots … but he had just gotten into a little," Bobby Farrelly said.

"They had the mosh incident," Peter Farrelly interjected. "He was a single guy, went out with his pals, they went to a club, he dove into a mosh pit and someone kind of tweaked their neck, nothing serious, but it was in the news. So he called us up and said 'I can't come do your movie in Miami because if they find out I did a movie after that they're going to run me out of town.'"

As huge New England Patriots fans, it doesn't come as a surprise that they would want to have Bledsoe, who was with the Pats at the time, appear in the movie. However, when that fell apart, they went with their second choice until another unique problem arose. 

"Then we went to Steve Young. And Steve Young called one day and said 'That's the funniest script I've ever read. But I cannot do it, because if I do it, it's R-rated, and I know all the Mormon kids will be sneaking in and I wouldn't feel good about that,'" the brothers recalled.

And then, there was Brett. After getting the Farrelly Brothers to make that confession, the Rich Eisen got a call from "Drew from Washington." It turned out to be Drew Bledsoe, who referred to the missed opportunity as "one of my great regrets in life." Then, Favre appeared, saying he was honored to be in the film. But did he know about being the third choice? "No," said Favre, flashing a grin. "If I'd known that I would have never done it."

[via CBS Sports]