There have been a lot of negative stories printed about Alex Rodriguez in the New York media over the last few years. But a story that was just published by the New York Daily News might be the worst one ever.

In the Daily News story, which you can read here, Carmen Sucart—the wife of A-Rod's cousin Yuri Sucart, who reportedly served as the middleman between A-Rod and Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch—has nothing but bad things to say about the Yankees third baseman. She calls him an "asshole" and "the devil" in the story, alleges that A-Rod dragged her husband into his steroid scandal and then stopped paying him for it, and even claims that he once peed on the outside of her family's home in 2010 simply because he was worried that the Sucarts were going to tell people about his alleged performance-enhancing drug use.

"He peed on the floor," she said. "He was so arrogant. He came into my house like he thought he was god."

How…strange. Even stranger? The Daily News actually took a photo of the wall where A-Rod allegedly marked his territory:

As we said, there have been a lot of negative A-Rod stories over the years. But this one might just be the worst of the bunch.

[via New York Daily News]