On Tuesday, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson reached a plea deal with the Montgomery, TX court responsible for making a decision on the allegations of child abuse weighed against him. The deal will prevent Peterson from serving jail time, and will instead slap him with probation, community service, and a fine—he got off easy, all things considered.

However, while Peterson is in the clear with the legal system, he may have a more difficult time getting back onto the gridiron. Following the acceptance of his deal on Tuesday, Peterson's team immediately filed for his reinstatement into the NFL, according to Fox Sports. However, the application was denied. The league said that a decision on Peterson's status is forthcoming, but they could not give a timetable on the issue. 

The NFL will take their time on this decision, undoubtedly fearing the wave of public scorn that would accompany another mishandled suspension. It's reasonable to believe that Peterson will be suspended by the league, but it isn't certain if this means he'll be gone for the remainder of the season.  

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