On October 17, former MMA fighter War Machine will be tried in Las Vegas for 32 felony charges currently weighed against him, including offenses such as attempted murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault. The charges stem War Machine's alleged beating of his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack. 

Today, while sitting in Vegas' Clark County Detention Center, the fighter somehow found a way to return to his Twitter account and send out a couple tweets concerning the Mack case. Sending out two poems and a Nietzsche quote, War Machine's dispatches were strange and mostly unsavory. 

In his first poem, War Machine writes:

Roses are red
I found a man in our bed.
Than to discover this...
I'd rather be dead.

So hurt and confused
My heart has been abused.
Too beautiful our plans
To not be used.

How could you forget
And carry on with no regret?
You're a stranger now...
You sold your soul I bet.

Publicity, money, fame
Is this all just a game?
It was you who I loved ya know...
Not just a name.

Yes, I'm that bored. Hope you enjoyed the attempt at levity (at my expense) in the first 2 lines...FML.

12 hours later, he released his second poem: 

On the inside
I wish it were outside
How can I fight it?
I can't even hide it.
Not cured by a pill.
It's testing my will.
Deeper and deeper.
I pray for the reaper..

War Machine's grabs for sympathy are terribly misguided considering the allegations currently against him. Talking about pain, abuse, and the desire for "outside" pain, are jarringly tasteless when we remind ourselves of the damage Christy Mack allegedly suffered at War Machine's hands.  

Unfortunately, this Twitter behavior is hardly out of line with War Machine's past conduct. For example, read this gem, released over a year ago by the embattled fighter:

This is garbage, and so is War Machine, and so is his poetry.

[via Uproxx]