The key to a good gym is a proper environment. It's gotta have the right feel, the correct vibe. And more often than not,  most gyms aren't going to provide that. They're gyms full of corny "pump-up" music, lines for machines, dudes grunting for no reason and comparing abs in the mirror, and generally uninspiring humans. And that's partially why you don't see professional athletes and celebrities working out at the same gyms you do. They need more serious, private workout spaces to focus and work as hard as possible. That's why NFL Insider and MMA trainer Jay Glazer and former Chicago Bear and all-time great linebacker Brian Urlacher created the Unbreakable Performance Center on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. 

The idea behind the private gym, which is located above and behind a Mexican restaurant, is to create a comfortable space for high-intensity training. It doesn't have a ton of machines, it doesn't have mirrors, and it doesn't give you anything that isn't necessary. It's supposed to be similar to the feel of older gyms, where people went to create a committed community, not a place to stand around and socialize. I had the opportunity take the Complex TV crew down to the gym to check out the facilities, meet Jay, speak with some of the trainers, and do a quick workout with Houston Rockets forward Jeff Adrien. Watch Complex News give it a shot in the video above.