Yesterday, Peyton Manning set an all-time mark for passing touchdowns in the NFL, eclipsing the record once set by league legend Brett Favre. Celebrations were had, praises were given, and we were handed yet another reason to anoint Manning as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play football, if not the best. 

However, not everyone is savvy to Manning's place and prominence within the history of the NFL. Some people out there don't even know who he is, or what sport he plays. For example, take a look at KOMO 4 News in Seattle, a local TV station whose Sunday evening broadcast included a graphic confusing Peyton Manning for former Seattle Supersonics great Gary Payton. Payton, Peyton, get it? 

Funnily enough, even Gary Payton himself noticed the mistake, sharing a screencap of the gaffe on his Instagram.


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KOMO 4 News may want to consider investing a bit more money in their research department.

[via For The Win]