Floyd Mayweather doesn't give "two flying f*cks" about Stephen A. Smith's opinion. He said so during an interview with Fight Hype late last week. But that didn't stop SAS from giving his opinion on Money Mayweather's refusal to fight Manny Pacquiao on ESPN First Take today.

SAS responded to Mayweather's Fight Hype interview on First Take and reiterated that, while he loves Mayweather as a boxer, he's going to continue to criticize him if he doesn't agree to a fight with Pacquiao before his career is over. He also said that if Mayweather has a problem with it, Mayweather has his cell phone number and is more than welcome to use it.

If you missed it, SAS also responded to Mayweather on Twitter over the weekend:

Watch Stephen A.'s First Take response to Mayweather in the clip above.